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Get to School on Time or Risk a Ticket

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Get to School on Time or Risk a Ticket

Tardy students will find themselves locked out of class very soon.

A new tardy policy requires first period teachers to prohibit students from coming to class late without a tardy slip, which will be given to tardy students when they arrive late.

“We want to limit the number of tardies during first period,” said Principal Ms Yolanda Gardea. “We want to enforce consequences to people who disobey these rules, but also reward students who are following the rules.”

There are approximately 100-150 students who show up to school between 8:00 and 8:25, so this new policy aims to significantly lower that number.

Under this new system, students who are tardy to first period must go to a designated station: one next to the JROTC building, one next to the flagpole in the quad, one next to the music building, and one in the main building.

At these stations, students will show their IDs, which will be scanned into a new computer program. Then they will receive their tardy ticket, which is the only way that they will be admitted into their first period.

The new software will centrally track and allow administrators to monitor the number of tardies that a student has. Students will receive consequences based on that number, such as campus beautification, detention or even exclusion from school dances and other activities.

Teachers will no longer have to track tardy students or monitor whether detention or campus beautification has been completed.

The new system also allows administrators and teachers to reward students with positive behavior points for being on time and engaging in other commendable deeds.

Marc Cortes on November 3, 2017

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Get to School on Time or Risk a Ticket