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VNHS Enrollment Takes an Upward Turn after Public Relations Blitz

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By Marc Cortes

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“The reputation has caught up with the reality, and kids are actually choosing to be here.”


VNHS Enrollment Takes an Upward Turn after Public Relations Blitz

October 24, 2017

NEWS: Yes. The hallways and the Quad are noticeably more crowded, thanks to an influx of new students.

An influx of new students has poured into Van Nuys High School for the current 2017-2018 school year.

Exceeding the district’s admission estimates by more than one hundred students, the school is filling up both in the Magnet programs and in the residential school.

The residential school, which was projected to have 1,018 students, exceeded expectations with 1,197 students currently enrolled. The performing arts magnet also gained a significant amount of newly enrolled students, with a projected estimate of 408 students but an actual total of 450 students in the program.

These increases will allow the school to have about three additional teaching positions in the future. However, this does not necessarily mean that three new teachers will join our school. These teaching positions will be distributed among several teachers, to reduce class size, but these effects won’t be seen until next year.

Much of the credit for the increase in enrollment goes to the principal, Ms. Yolanda Gardea, who, along with administration and staff has embarked on a program over the last several years to showcase the extensive number of programs offered at the school.

Last year alone, the school publicized the available opportunities for potential students through an official school video, produced by an Emmy-Award winning director, a billboard, a slick brochure and other public relations.

“Ideas are changing about the school,” said Assistant Principal Ms. Phyllis Baer. “Even people outside the area who originally thought that Van Nuys was a horrible place now realize it’s not.”

“We have a lot of good things not only in the Magnets. The residential has the Machine and Auto Academy and the 9th Grade Academy. More kids are matriculating to 10th grade and are able to graduate,” she added.

The increase in student enrollment has allowed Van Nuys High School to open up more teaching positions. Further increases in enrollment numbers may prompt the school to hire even more instructors.



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VNHS Enrollment Takes an Upward Turn after Public Relations Blitz