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The Student News Site of Van Nuys High School

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The Student News Site of Van Nuys High School

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STOP THE CLOCK Teachers acknowledge and accommodate for students decline in attention span.

Gen Z’s shrinking attention span

By Mia Ramirez, Staff Jun 22, 2024
The rise of short-form content on social media has led to irreversible changes in the classroom.
ROCKY ROAD A collage of pamphlets for colleges across the state. For many students, going to a prestigious university is a dream of theirs. However, the path to college can be overwhelming.

Back to reality: Your dream college might not be the right fit for you

By Olamide Olumide, News/Features Editor Jun 20, 2024
Attending a prestigious school like Harvard is the dream of many high schoolers, but for most, it may be better to set sights on a community college instead.
The new cell phone ban would force students to lock up phones in lockers at the start of the day, retrieving them back in the afternoon.

Strict Laws Make for Sneaky Students: LAUSD needs to revoke the cell phone ban

By Madison Thacker, Arts/Entertainment Editor Jun 18, 2024
While LAUSD board members push for a complete cell phone ban in classrooms, students fight back, understanding the mass changes that will need to happen, in order for the ban to be effective.
A SAD REALITY The American civilian population possesses around 433 million firearms, putting innocent people at risk of being involved in a mass shooting.

Gun violence ricochets in America

By Joel Nam, Opinion Editor Jun 18, 2024
In America, hundreds die as a result of gun violence. In order to save lives, we must take decisive action to address broad societal and administrative issues.
MYTH VERSUS FACT Misconceptions swirl around ADHD, reducing it to a harmful stereotype. The condition often results in hyperactivity, inattention and anxiety.

Focusing attention on the reality of ADHD

By Olamide Olumide, News/Features Editor Jun 17, 2024
Millions of people in the United States struggle with ADHD, spreading awareness and better understanding its symptoms can go a long way in helping those who suffer as a result.
This illustration depicts the weight on those with fears and expectations that come from perfectionism.

Perfectionism is far from perfect

By Abigail Kim, Staff Jun 6, 2024
Perfectionism has proven to be a pervasive issue among students that has deleterious effects on their mental health.
The lack of recycling in LAUSD schools poses an environmental risk that needs addressing.

LAUSD is no longer recycling

By Skylie Molina, Staff Jun 5, 2024
Following LADWP's withdrawal of recycling services from LAUSD schools, the district has begun searching for alternatives.
At its most fundamental level, religion is composed of beliefs that constitute values and standards necessary for the healthy functioning of society.

Rethinking Christian values

By Joel Nam, Opinion Editor Jun 5, 2024
Joel Nam shares his understanding of Christianity and how it's beliefs can benefit society by teaching us to exercise patience, compassion and empathy.
As a Muslim, Adiba Rysa feels that Western society has made her personally accountable for the conflict raging between Israel and Palestine.

Untold stories: The other side of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

By Skylie Molina, Staff Jun 4, 2024
Insight to the ongoing war or, as Senior Adiba Raya comments, “genocide” in Palestine.
(From L to R) Front row: Ms. Torres, Mr. Becerra, Ms. Park, Sargent Martinez. Second row: Mr. Rodriguez, Ms. Victoria, Ms. Sadighi, Ms. Medrano. Third row: Mr. Rabago, Mr, Greg, Ms. Shim, Mr. Weber

Your photos: Grad Night 2024

By Olamide Olumide, News/Features Editor Jun 4, 2024
Looking back at Grad Night through the lenses of the students and staff who attended.
Despite senior year being touted as the easiest, students are expected to tackle questions about their future.

The reality of being a senior

By Alaina Wicks, Staff Jun 4, 2024
As senior students approach graduation, the end of their high school years, they face uncertainty regarding their future.
Helping the homeless

Helping the homeless

By Olamide Olumide, News/Features Editor Jun 3, 2024
Housing instability and homelessness disproportionately affect LGBTQIA+ youth. Clubs on the VNHS campus collaborate to aid the troubled youth through fundraisers and donations.
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