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Rand Paul’s Ruthless Dedication

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Rand Paul’s Ruthless Dedication

CONGRESS: It’s once in a blue moon when bureaucrats go against the grain of conformity.

By Jack Beckman-Smith
February 28, 2018

Consistency is second only to logicality.

Too often the driving force behind one’s stances isn’t the evidence or the principles but the prospect of power and societal relevance. When a man can stand up for what is right, that is triumphant.

If we were given the choice between power and what we know was right, the majority of us would dash what we previously held to the rocks.

George Washington was a true American and should be revered by all peoples, if not for what he stood for, but his dedication to what he stood for.

When presented with the opportunity, even compelled by his men, to assume position as monarch of the United States, Washington denied it for the sake of the Union.

I doubt many people ever could attest to being able to deny such a sum of power in comparison to a dreary alternative. If given the option to become ruler, we’d take it over returning to a relatively mundane and miniscule life.

The strength it must take to stand true to our beliefs in the face of such desirable alternatives is unimaginable.
Being average simply wouldn’t do, it takes an individual of extraordinary fortitude and quality to achieve such a thing.

It’s rare we see such consistency in any individual, but luckily we’ve got the exemplary senator of Kentucky, Rand Paul. Paul doesn’t capitulate to the poisonous temptations of popular policy or counteractive compromise. Paul stood against the very lax 2018 budget, saying “Republicans lambasted President Obama to no end for trillion-dollar deficits and now they have put forward a trillion-dollar deficit…”

Our country’s deficit has reached almost 19.2 trillion dollars.

Many republicans ran on platforms promising the lowering of our budget ceiling to further decrease our debt. Why is it that now that they’re in power their positions have gone out the window, and the elephant in the room isn’t apparent to our friendly elephant bureaucrats.

Guess it takes an elephant to know an elephant, as the “Rhino” neo-conservatives don’t seem to care as much about the debt anymore now that they get to decide what our money should be spent on. However, sticking true to his principles, Paul’s stood valiantly against neo-cons and neo-libs alike.

Giving credit where credit’s due in a system full of frauds, we should be thankful for the few that stand by their beliefs.

Jack Beckman-Smith is currently an opinion writer for The Mirror. He joined journalism during his sophomore year and is now in his second year as a writer.

Jack enjoys discussing anything political, philosophical, or related to society and culture. On the political spectrum, he stands between Libertarianism and moderate conservatism. In his spare time, he enjoys running, practicing piano, and playing video games.

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Rand Paul’s Ruthless Dedication