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Lost in Vegas, an Investigation Shrouded in Mystery

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By Jack Beckman-Smith

The Mirror Staff



Lost in Vegas, an Investigation Shrouded in Mystery

November 17, 2017

LAS VEGAS: What was the true motive of Paddock?

As more information comes out about the Vegas massacre, the less we know.

For some of the purportedly best investigators and law enforcement agencies in the world, we sure haven’t gotten far into the tragic case.

It seems every new drop of information that we get, the drier the well gets.

With the recent interview of security guard Jesus Campos on Ellen, too many new questions have arisen. As one of, if not, the only witness of Paddock’s rampage, we are in great need of Campos’ account.

The experience was most certainly traumatizing for Campos, but to disappear for a week after being shot in the leg, and out of the blue appearing on the Ellen show, we can’t help but raise even more questions.

How severe were his injuries? Where was he treated? Where did he go?

Even stranger to ask, how was Campos able to engage Paddock minutes before his killing spree without as much as the bat of an eye? How long was the break in Paddock and Campos’ fight? Where is the security footage of their skirmish? Were there any calls related to the actual gunfire occurring within a crowded hotel? What did Campos do after the engagement? Where did he go?

That’s only a handful of the hundreds of questions we still have. How did Paddock get access to a service elevator? How did Paddock get 17 firearms into his hotel room? Where’s the footage from Paddock’s personal cameras? Where’s Paddock’s girlfriend?

The questions go on and on. The circumstances get stranger and stranger.

The life of Stephen Paddock is quite twisted and perplexing the moment we take into account everything surrounding it.



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Lost in Vegas, an Investigation Shrouded in Mystery