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Guide To What To Wear To Prom: Guy Edition

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By Chelsea Ma

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Guide To What To Wear To Prom: Guy Edition

May 16, 2017

FEATURE: Chelsea Ma gives tips for guys on what to wear to prom.

Prom is seen as the night of every teenage girl’s dreams, but it doesn’t mean that guys can’t dream of looking amazing too. Whether you’re matching with your date, or going stag, prom is a night to remember so you want to look your best! To help with the big day we’ve compiled an easy-to-follow guide:

1. You’re probably getting a tuxedo, right?
For those special events, it’s best to pull out a look that will exude classiness, timelessness and taste. Therefore, you probably want to skip out on the jeans and get into a fancier ensemble—like a tuxedo of some kind.

2. Know your budget and work with it
Once you know your budget, be sure to look for outfits within that budget. If you’re in a store, make sure to check the price tag before taking the garment into the dressing room. If you’re shopping online, always make sure to search for outfits within your price range. This decreases any chance of heartbreak over an outfit you wanted outside of your price range. Another method you can use is renting a tux instead. If you only need a tux for prom, then renting will be more cost efficient, but purchasing a tux for prom can also be a tux for every other social event you’ll go to in the future.

3. Fit is key
Compared to dresses, the options for suits can be limited. Therefore, the fit is imperative to differentiate the cut and style. The same suit with two different cuts gives entirely separate vibes. There are three distinct fits to choose from: slim fit (fitted closer to the waist cinching closer to your body while accentuating your torso area), modern fit (slimmer fit hugging the body with some extra room for those that want to look fashion-forward, but not too “stylish”), classic fit (comfortable and easy to wear with less constriction than slim and modern fit cuts.)

4. Watch out for the details
You want to keep the entire look in mind so when you’re shopping make sure to think about the little things! When we think of tuxedos, we usually only think about the jacket but what about the shirt, shoes, and tie? For shirts you can always have the tradition white shirt with black or white buttons/cuffs, but sometimes it’s nice to have fun and wear a color or print. When doing this always ask yourself, “How do I want to feel? Do I want to be fun, sophisticated, a K-pop star, or straight up James Bond?” If you want to look serious you might want to take the untraditional route and wear a tie (btw, for guys that don’t know how to tie a tie, you might want to get a clip on!). This gives off a business vibe versus a bowtie which feels more like a party.

5. If you have a date, think about matching
Communicate with your date before you go shopping for your look so you can see whether or not matching is something you want to do. You don’t have to be Thing 1 and Thing 2, but little details like the color of your tie or shirt can really make you two look like a pair in the pictures!

6. Have fun and don’t stress
No matter what you wear, confidence means everything. Put on a smile, be a gentleman and have the night of your life.



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Guide To What To Wear To Prom: Guy Edition