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By Chelsea Ma

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Strut your stuff and don’t forget that no matter what dress you wear to prom that you are forever a queen.



How to Find the Perfect Outfit For Prom

May 5, 2017

FEATURE: Chelsea Ma, the winner of “Project Runway Junior” gives advice about how to shine for that once-in-a-lifetime magical moment.

Prom is a passage of right in every high school girl’s life. The one moment looked forward to and remembered for years to come means making sure it’s perfect. And nothing says perfection like a girl when she’s glowing with confidence.
For the event of all events in your high school career, it’s crucial to choose a dress that can withstand the pressure of style, suitability, and comfort. To help with the big day we’ve compiled an easy-to-follow guide:

1. Allow yourself plenty of time.
It’s best to start looking for dresses at least one to two months ahead of time. This leaves room for any unforeseen mishaps that could take place. First off, if you’re buying online you always want to be sure to take into account the time it takes to ship. If you’re buying from outside the states, it could take anywhere from two weeks to one month.
Also, you can never know how it’ll fit on you until you get it. In cases where there’s need for alterations, whether it be in hemming or scrapping the entire outfit, there should always be an extra week to get things set and ready to go.
Lastly, starting early means you have the advantage of selecting from more options. Usually people who want a certain dress find that it’s either out of stock, over budget, or not in their size.

2. Know your school dress code
It’s a must to know what your school is and isn’t allowing you to wear on your special night of prom. The last thing you want is your night to be ruined by being told you can’t go in because your outfit is “inappropriate.”

3. Find inspiration if you don’t know what you want
The best way to figure out what you like is to scroll through the pages of any fashion magazine or to search the ever knowledgeable internet. You don’t have to start looking for the exact dress to buy yet, but narrow your searches so you have an idea of what you want.
Things to think about are fabrics, color, lengths, fit, and styles. A great question to always ask yourself when searching for your dress is “How do I want to feel during prom? Do I want to be edgy and fashionable, cute and chic, flowy and romantic, or fitted and sultry?”
Also, think about what fit of dress looks the most flattering on you. For example, are you a pear, apple, pencil shape? These things should never limit you to getting a dress, but it never hurts to run with what you know looks best on your body shape.

4. Have a set budget
Never try on a dress you love that is outside of your budget. This just makes you yearn for the dress even more and ruins your grand vision when you know that there was a “better” dress that you couldn’t afford. Once you know your budget be sure to look for dresses within that budget.
If you’re in a store, make sure to check the price tag before taking the grament into the dressing room. If you’re shopping online, always make sure to search for outfits within your price range. This decreases the risk of heartbreak over a dress you wanted, but couldn’t get.

5. Always remember comfort and functionality
The number one thing girls always forget to look for when buying a dress is practicality. Although it doesn’t seem important, trust me when I say if you’re not comfortable, your mood will be the victim. Besides the dress itself, it’s also a must to make sure your undergarments are convenient and give great support. The inside is just as important as the outside.

6. Keep the entire look in mind
While many people delve on the dress itself, let’s not forget the accessories and shoes. Accessories and shoes are another thing to add into your budget that you shouldn’t overlook. As crazy as it sounds, jewelery and shoes add up.
Another tip is to look at how your shoes fit with your dress. You want to make sure that if you’re wearing a long dress, the hem lands in the right place. If the dress is too long you can always hem it, but if it’s too short then you’re in trouble.

8. Have fun and don’t overthink it (you don’t want a pimple!)
No matter what dress you choose, never forget to add on a smile! There are plenty of things that could go wrong, but at least it’ll be a great story to laugh about later on? Strut your stuff and don’t forget that no matter what dress you wear to prom that you are forever a queen.



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