ASB and JSA host 300 students at lunch debate

❑ PHOTO STORY | On Dec. 8, teachers and students came together to debate whether you can separate art from the artist.

The first debate of the school year took place on Dec. 8 during lunch. Hosted by Associated Student Body (ASB)and Junior State of America (JSA), the event drew an estimated crowd of 300 students. Both students and teachers participated together to argue about cancel culture, specifically whether art can be separated from the artist. 


One criticism students had was that the time frame of lunch was too short to fully explore or engage in the debate. Only two students were able to ask questions to the participating teachers. 

The amount of students was also unexpected for the hosts of the event. Once the bleachers in the small gym were filled, students crammed the space on the floor and to the sides of the bleachers. 

Despite the flaws, the success of the event has encouraged ASB and JSA to host future debate events. Though an official date is undecided, they plan to have one soon after winter break.