Former substitute goes full-time

Ms. Danielle Greenwood joins the faculty permanently as an English and Speech teacher.


CREDIT: Julia Pfau

Interview with Ms. Danielle Greenwood on zoom.

What made you decide to teach at Van Nuys High School?

I started as a substitute this semester at Van Nuys High School and was charmed by how grounded and nice the students are here. I also appreciate how welcoming the staff and administrators were when I first arrived. I am thrilled to be a new member of the Wolfpack!


Have you taught anywhere other than VNHS?

I subbed at a few schools last year in LAUSD and spent most of my time at the Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Learning.


What subject are you teaching at Van Nuys High School?

I will be teaching 9th grade English and Speech in the Freshman Academy and Honors 9th grade and 10th grade English in the Performing Arts Magnet. 


What inspired you to become a teacher?

When I started subbing, I discovered that I really enjoyed teaching, especially when a student had an “aha” moment when they connected to what they were learning in class. I also believe that education gives you choices in life, and I want to contribute to a student’s opportunity to think critically and access those choices. I remember and appreciate my teachers who did so with me.


What are your thoughts on teaching during a pandemic?

Like many teachers, I miss being in the classroom. My thoughts are that patience and perseverance will go a long way while we are in this pandemic. I also have a lot of empathy for everyone because teaching and learning remotely are challenging for many different reasons. Finally, I look forward to being back in a classroom soon and meeting everyone in person. 


What is the most important thing you want students to take away from your class?

Simply put, I love reading and hope to inspire a fondness for reading in my classes.