2020 Retiring faculty: Ms. Elizabeth Sterling

Elizabeth Sterling

Elizabeth Sterling

Your first name: Liz

Your last name: Sterling

What subject(s) do you teach? English, ELD

What classes did you teach this year? 9th & 10th Grade English; ELD 3rd level

What year did you begin teaching? 1997

How many years have you been a teacher? 23

How many years have you taught at Van Nuys High? Six

Did you have a prior career? If yes, what was it? Office Admin various industries, theatre

What changes have you seen over the course of your career? Have they been positive, negative, or neutral? How did they impact your teaching? Way too much technology!

What were your biggest concerns when you began teaching? Did they turn out to be justified? Dealing with problematic parents.

Why did you decide to become a teacher in the first place? I knew I’d be good at it; both my parents were teachers so it was in my blood!

What did you like most about teaching? Being able to reach my students; relating to them, understanding them.

What moment at Van Nuys High will you remember the most? The public shout out to an assembly on my behalf by several students

What was your worst teacher moment? Years ago, at another school, when a student made a false accusation against me.

What are your plans after you retire? I plan to write.