A City of Tents


Meta Astles

Junior Joy Wyckoff giving food to homeless inhabitants of a makeshift shelter.

By Inesa Sargsyan, Staff Writer

Tent cities, which are also known as “homeless camps,” are widespread across California, with one of the largest found in Orange County.

A recent LAHSA study found that three out of four homeless people live in cars, tents and camps, making Los Angeles the city with the largest homeless population in the U.S.

Due to recent housing policies, homeless people are facing eviction from their nonexistent homes and are being relocated to shelters and housing services.

Life in Tent Cities

The inhabitants of tent cities are often distraught as they undergo harsh situations and have trouble finding supplies to settle for the night. Due to the lack of food and medical resources, individuals can suffer from dangerous illnesses and diseases. The lack of guidance and help provided for homeless people also imposes significant emotional distress, ultimately worsening their current states.

Homeless Capital: Skid Row

Beyond the wealth and glamour in Los Angeles, there are infamous neighborhoods that are known for their homeless population. Located downtown, Skid Row is named for a red-light district in which as many as 2,000 homeless people congregate almost every night. With the rising concern regarding hygiene and other consequences of homelessness, many organizations come to Skid Row to advocate for reform.