Research Students Say “I Do”

Students in Van Nuys’ new AP Research class “marry” their year-long research topics


CREDIT: Ivan Delgado

(From left to right) Katherine Henriquez and Lauren Woolsey stand at the front of Mr. Goin’s AP Research class.

By Zoe Rodriguez

“I now pronounce you topic and wife.”

Just last week, students participating in the second year of College Board’s AP CAPSTONE program committed to their year-long research topics. One might assume that a simple contract or spoken agreement would best fit, but the teachers and administrators had a little more in mind.

(From left to Right) Mr. Goins, Diana Chernyak, Aidan Cini, and David Akcheirlian commemorate their wedding vows.
(Left to Right) Mr. Ron Goins, AP Research instructor, officiates as Diana Chernyak, witness to Aidan Cini’s research topic commitment ceremony, puts his ring on his finger, as David Akcheirlian also acts as a witness.

Complete with vows and veils, these students had marriage ceremonies to express their commitment to their research topics.

Catherine Hernandez stands with her marriage certificate.
AP Research student Catherine Henriquez shows off her “marriage” certificate.

As they read aloud their vows, whether jokingly or with earnest, students declared their love for their issue and so conveyed why they want to study it.

These issues, ranging from the effect bilingualism has on cognitive development to the #MeToo movement, will be the basis of an extensive research project that will culminate with a 15-20 page academic paper and Ted-Talk-style presentation.THE MIRROR