The NFL shakes up with some of the biggest trades and signings

The crazy off-season feels like one of the biggest in recent memory. Tom Brady un-retires and Quarterbacks Russel Wilson and Matt Ryan both sign away from teams they have been playing with for their entire careers.



The trades in this off-season will bring about a huge change in the next season for all fans and players.

The NFL off-season has already been going on for some time and has been one of the craziest off-seasons of all time. From blockbuster trades to crazy free agent signings to great new “weapons” for the teams that need them, the next season of the NFL will see a lot about how a single off season can change a team. Here are some of the biggest news of the past couple weeks. 

In perhaps one of the craziest trades of NFL history, Super Bowl winning quarterback Russell Wilson has been sent to the Denver Broncos. 

Aaron Rodgers could potentially sign the biggest deal in NFL history, four years for $200 million at the Green Bay Packers. If it goes through, it will make him the highest paid NFL player ever.

The Steelers signed their new starting quarterback for the next two years, Mitchell Tribusky. 

The Washington Commanders sign Carson Wentz from the Colts as their new starting quarterback. 

The most controversial of the trades so far, the Cowboys traded Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns for only a fifth and sixth round pick. 

The Cleveland Browns signed Deshaun Watson as well, with a five year, $236 million deal. 

In a particular shock, Davante Adams signs a deal with the Las Vegas Raiders, making him the highest paid Wide Receiver. 

The Chargers sign both Khalil Mack and J.C. Jackson added a much-needed depth to their already great defense making them a legitimate contender in the AFC west. 

In slightly minor news, the Kansas City Chiefs sign Juju Smith-Shuster (WR) 

The New Orleans Saints sign Jameis Winston with a two year, $28 million deal. 

Giants sign QB Tyrod Taylor from the Texans.

The Indianapolis Colts, to everyone’s surprise, sign Matt Ryan from the Atlanta Falcons, which not only is a massive improvement for the colts, also puts the Falcons in a massive salary cap problem, with $40 million dollars wasted. 

Franchise tag wise, the only players to be franchised tagged have been,

  1. Chris Godwin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
  2. Jessie Bates III, Cincinnati Bengals 
  3. David Njoku, Cleveland Browns 
  4. Dalton Shultz, Dallas Cowboys 
  5. Mike Gesiki, Miami Dolphins 

To summarize, this NFL off-season has been crazy so far, and perhaps the biggest changes reside in the AFC west. I don’t believe anyone should be surprised if every single team in the AFC West makes the playoffs.