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Trump’s New Secretary of Education DeVos

Updated February 16, 2017

By Khrista Sayo The Mirror Staff By Tyler Jung The Mirror Staff NEWS Unqualified Hostile to Education NEWS: Meet the billionaire who’s goal is to dismantle public education in the U.S. Betsy DeVos is now the 11th Sec...

Black History Concert Pictures

Black History Concert Pictures

Updated February 8, 2017

Restorative In, Suspension Out

Updated February 3, 2017

By Woo Han The Mirror Staff “From September of 2015 until now, we have achieved so much, and we (Restorative Justice) have helped so many students with their academic and social lives,” says Dr. Terarakelyan. CAMPUS NEW...

Ms. Wedeen/Mr. Kashir

Updated January 27, 2017

By Chandler Beon The Mirror Staff By Amanda Godfrey The Mirror Features Editor “You have to put yourself into situations that are uncomfortable in order to realize how you react in those situations, and I am learning a lot ...


Updated January 26, 2017

By Mhar Tenorio The Mirror Staff By Woo Han The Mirror Staff One in three Californians supports breaking away from the United States and becoming an independent country, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on January 24th, ...

Colonel Flynn

Updated January 23, 2017

By Keshan Huang The Mirror Editor-in-Chief By Tyler Jung The Mirror Staff “I began by starting in the boy scouts, I got interested in serving then.” CAMPUS NEWS Head of JROTC: Colonel Flynn January 24, 2017 FEATURE: A Bronze-Star Off...

Restorative Justice

Updated December 16, 2016

By Woo Han The Mirror Staff “Everything is done for the students’ academic and social success.” FEATURE Restoring Relationships with Restorative Justice COURTESY OF LUCY TERARAKELYAN PARENT CIRCLE: Ms. Terarakelyan, R...

Robert Redford

Updated December 9, 2016

By Keshan Huang & Woo Han The Mirror Staff NEWS Robert Redford: Van Nuys HS Class of ’54 Nearly every junior at Van Nuys High School has read or will read the novel, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which tells the tale...

Safe and Sound

Updated November 16, 2016

By Woo Han The Mirror Staff By Shayda Shevidi The Mirror Editor-in-Chief “School safety is peace of mind, that a student knows that they can come here and they don’t have to worry about being harmed, and I think that’s ...

Marijuana Proposition

Updated November 12, 2016

By Keshan Huang The Mirror Editor-in-Chief By Elissa Choi The Mirror Staff “I don’t understand why someone over 21 without any medical issues would need access to weed.” -Min Kim “…the legalization of marijuana might be ...

Satan Club

Updated November 10, 2016

By Amanda Godfrey The Mirror Staff “The Satanic Temple is prepared to take legal action if we are denied our constitutional right to establish these clubs in schools where the Good News Club is operating” FEAUTURE The D...

Youth Politics

Updated November 9, 2016

By Khrista Sayo The Mirror Staff FEATURE Diving into Politics A new time calls for change. Many millennials, feeling powerless to express their potential, are seeking to change the current political structure. There could be a way to bri...

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