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The library shows off their featured books with Halloween-themed decorations.

Kicking off October with a little spice

The magnet office and library shows off their Halloween spirit with fun decorations.
By Isabella Thomas, Staff PhotographerPublished October 14, 2021

The main floor is showing off a festive look with the magnet office and library displaying Halloween decorations.

Andrea, Elom and Lavarra addresses the enabling ignorance of students around campus.

Fill Your Life With Spice | Episode 3: N-word culture on campus

Andrea Parada invites Elom and Lavarra as they discuss the use of improper language in school, with a particular emphasis on the use of the n-word.
By Andrea Parada, Podcast StaffPublished October 11, 2021
Andrea invites members of the Black Student Union to share their most controversial views on the use of the n-word on campus.

Track or Treats: Halloween beats

A killer list of classic Halloween songs you can jam through this for this spooky season.
By Jessica Cerventes, Entertainment Staff WriterPublished October 7, 2021
Tracks to get into the spine-chilling mood of the upcoming season
The pressures of school life can become extremely challenging for everyone, and these students share their unique stories about how they have-and have not- recieved support.

Fill Your Life with Spice | Episode 2: Student Expectations

Andrea, Vannesa, and Isabella dive into the daily pressures in an average student's life.
By Andrea Parada, Podcast StaffPublished October 5, 2021
Generational differences between parents and students can occasionally cause teens to feel their own struggles are being less understood.
The popularity of the show has caused Netflix to already renew it for a fourth season.

Wasting Recess | Episode 8: My love for “Sex Education”

The hit comedy-drama “Sex Education” returns as one of the top 10 shows on Netflix.
By Csarina Jarencio, Podcast/Social Media EditorPublished October 5, 2021
Csarina shares the multiple reasons for why she loves this show: " Every single person in this story.. they are written in a way that teenagers actually sound."
The Wolves tear through the banner after being introduced.

The Wolves get ready to feast: Lunch pep rally

A pep rally at lunch saw the crowning of homecoming royalty, the introduction of the football team roster, and a surprise homecoming proposal.
By Isabella Thomas , Staff PhotographerPublished October 3, 2021
Commencing homecoming! On Friday Oct. 1, 2021, a lunch pep rally for the football team generated a feeling of school spirit before the game later that evening.
The cheer team gets in position on the firetruck for the parade.

Homecoming highlights: Kicking off the game with a parade

Students represented their clubs and other activities during the Homecoming Parade before the game.
By Angela Proca and Beverly ReginoPublished October 3, 2021
Catch a look of some of the clubs marching during the Homcoming Parade.
PAJAMA DAY: Sebastian Estrada, Ella Robinson and Kaylyn Majers are decked out in their pajamas to kick off spirit week.

Spirited with pride: Students participate in Spirit Week

Students wore themed outfits for the week leading up to the Homecoming football game and parade and — now postponed — dance.
By Ani Tutunjyan, Executive & Print Editor-in-ChiefPublished October 1, 2021
Take a look at some of the outfits from this year's Spirit Week.
Wearing a white wedding veil, AP Research student Marvin Ocampo performs his wedding vows to marry his research topic of eye care in LAUSD students for the year.

‘Here’s to the happy couple!’: AP Research students marry their research topics

Mr. Goins's AP Research students married the topics they will be researching for the year by conducting wedding vows.
By Ani Tutunjyan, Executive & Print Editor-in-ChiefPublished September 29, 2021
AP Research students spent two days performing wedding vows to marry their research topics for the school year.
Seniors Jude Struble, Bithnia Kebede, Mandy Hur and Chansopheavatey Khov pose for the camera while waiting for the senior sunrise on Sept. 28, 2021.

The class of 2022 watches the sun rise on a new year

Senior sunrise was the first event hosted by senior board this year.
By Isabella Thomas, Staff PhotographerPublished September 28, 2021
Seniors drove out at 6 a.m. in to celebrate their final year and show their school spirit in plaid pajamas.
There is a certain quiet nostalgia to every single image in the films, which only ages better over time.

Wasting Recess | Episode 7 : To grow in the world of Pixar and Ghibli

Csarina discusses the nostalgia and growing impact of Pixar and Ghibli films
By Csarina Jarencio, Podcast/Social Media EditorPublished September 22, 2021
Wasting Recess is back again exploring the cultural impact of Disney films
Two of the egg survivors (from left to right: Jazmin Alejandre and Breanna Kiarra) holding their successful designs from the egg massacre. The test was conducted by Physics teacher Mr. Manzano on Sept. 21.

Challenging gravity with the iconic egg test

Mr. Manzano challenges his students to build a structure for the egg using just straws and tape.
By Beverly Regino and Isabella ThomasPublished September 21, 2021
Many were unsuccesful as seen by the egg casualties on the ground, but students worked hard on their intricate designs for the "armor".
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