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Picking the right colleges to apply to can be rough so every school has a brochure giving you details on why their program is the best pick.
College: Tips and tricks for getting applications done
By Jazlyn XocoxicPublished November 20, 2020
Here are some tricks and tips to get into the completing application zone.
Crazy coronavirus coiffure
By Itzel Gallardo and Gwen LangiPublished November 18, 2020
Quarantine is keeping us cooped up, but students are finding ways to keep their coifs creative.
History teacher Daniel Klain is interacting with his students during his zoom 2nd period class on November 13, 2020.
PHOTO STORY | Teaching from campus during a pandemic
By Ivan Delgado, Photo Editor • Published November 13, 2020
Some teachers have chosen to work from their classrooms as covid-19 rages on while their students attend school virtually from home
STAGE DESIGN COACH Mr. William Potter enjoys teaching students how to express themselves artistically through design.
Q&A | New Theater Design teacher takes the stage
By Angelica Venturina, Staff Writer • Published November 10, 2020
New Theater Design teacher William Potter joins the faculty, bringing new goals and ambitions.
WASTING RECESS | Episode 3: Elections, generation
WASTING RECESS | Episode 3: Elections, generation's new media, and Kendrick is JID's father?
By Csarina Jarencio, Assistant Podcast Editor • Published November 6, 2020
Our third episode is packed with a variety of topics.
Procrastination is getting in the way of workflow, here are some tips
Simple ways to finally overcome procrastination
By Angelina Gevorgyan, Staff Writer • Published October 30, 2020
For many individuals, procrastination can be compared to a never-ending cycle which terrorizes those who fall victim to the harmful habit.
Students attempt to find ways to cope with the stress of school.
Finding your balance: Students reveal how they cope with stress
By Angelica Venturina, Staff Writer • Published October 30, 2020
With the entrance of a new school year, students have been facing various challenges as they adjust to a completely different environment in online school.