YouTubers vs. boxers

YouTubers are getting involved in the boxing world, but do professional boxers agree with the trend?


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POW! Youtuber Logan Paul takes a brutal punch to the head from his opponent Olajide O. Williams (KSI)

Youtubers today will do anything for views, more subscribers, more likes, and more money. These YouTubers attempt new ways of producing content that is of interest to viewers ranging from food, traveling, and gaming. But how has their trends fallen on the ultimate sport of boxing?

Youtuber Logan Paul, who became famous on a video-sharing app called Vine, and YouTuber Olajide O. Williams (KSI) fought against each other in the ring back in 2018.

Williams called Logan Paul out as well as his brother Jake Paul in one of his matches against Joe Weller.

“Any YouTuber that wants it can come and get it. Jake Paul, Logan Paul any of the Paul brothers I don’t care, bring it,” says.

Both Paul and Williams ended up with a tie and did a rematch in 2019 which resulted in KSI winning.

The Paul vs. Williams fight consisted of almost 4 million views during the time and resulted in a worldwide trend in the youtube community.

Today, boxers like Ryan Garcia, also participate in the boxing trend on Youtube.

But, like many others in the boxing community, Teofimo Lopez, a professional boxing champion, did not want YouTubers in boxing because it will only bring fans who will specifically watch Youtube fights.

They believe that youtube fights devalue the boxing tradition and ethics of other professional boxers who actually put their valued time and effort to get to where they are.

Teófimo López tweets “Stop this YouTubers Boxing. Stop diminishing the sport that we’ve worked so hard for!”

As for the fans on the youtube side, they believe that bringing Youtubers into boxing can give more “hype” to the community.

It has brought many controversies on both sides but many think both platforms have changed for the better.