The Catholic Church’s stance on sex makes a lot of sense



SETTING THE TONE Pope Francis leads the Catholic Church, which teaches that only married couples should have sex and that life is precious.

Have you ever seen in the news how people criticized the Catholic teachings on sex? I know I used to be one of those people that used to hate the Catholic teachings on sex. When I started to view the teachings carefully I now could understand the Catholic perspective.

The Catholic church teaches that sex is after marriage with your wife only. I was pretty mad when I first heard about this. I thought in my head why we have to wait, why can’t we have it before. The church teaches the purpose of sex is for the two flesh to become one flesh. In other words, when you have sex it connects your souls together you build a stronger bond with each other. When you break the rules of the church and you have sex more with one person you build many bonds with many people. This can cause chaos because you are attached to more than one person.

The church also teaches the other purpose of sex is for reproduction. A lot of people have sex for pleasure. While yes God did make it pleasant but that was just a bonus to reproduction. It’s like an addiction you do use drugs for pleasure but you are going to just want more and more which is very unhealthy.

The church forbids and goes against abortion unless if the baby or mother is in danger of dying. Why can’t women have the right to choose what they want to do with their bodies? Well, that’s what I thought in my head. Well, they do have the right. God to give free will to everyone but think about carefully. Should an innocent life be taken away for something that is not even their fault? I mean when I view the Catholic perspective.

I was shocked and it made me notice that lives are being killed. Of course, there are some scenarios where women were raped and I know it must be hard for them but that still doesn’t give them any special to kill a baby life that just makes them the same as the rapist. What makes you any different from the people that rape if you plan on killing a precious life be the better person and not like them. For those women who were raped, if they can’t take care of the baby, it can be put in the foster system or they can let someone they know adopt the kid. They can find a solution where the baby isn’t killed. This also goes for condoms that are forbidden in the church.

I found this stupid at first because I thought in my head I ain’t killing a baby because it is not even alive, yet the sperm hasn’t gone inside the women right? Well, when you are using condoms you are preventing reproduction. It’s the same thing as killing a life because you know when you don’t put on the condom you make a life. The Catholic Church forbids condoms except when one of the couple or both suffer from a disease that it’s important to have prevented it only when condoms are permitted.

Overall if you still think the Catholic perspective doesn’t make sense think about like this. When some drive, there are rules. There are rules so there won’t be chaos. When a driver doesn’t follow the rules it can cause chaos in many ways they can get himself killed or cause other people to be harmed. Same thing with sex. The Church makes rules when it comes to sex because they want everything to be in order and make everyone have great sex. When you don’t have sex to connect a close bond with your partner or for reproduction it can create chaos in many ways in your life. I use to always criticized the Catholic Church on their teachings on sex but now I know they only want us to have a great sex life.