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YouTube LGBT Controversy

April 25, 2017

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By Lindsay Tidmarsh The Mirror Staff Writer “YouTube was the place where I found a community of people who understood what I was going through and agreed with.” FEATURE YouTube Steps in it with LGBTQ+ Community April 25...

Teens Who Made History

April 24, 2017

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By Mhar Tenorio The Mirror Staff FEATURE Teenagers Who Changed the World April 24, 2017 FEATURE: Who says young people can’t be activists or even win a Nobel Prize if they put their minds to it? Who says you have to be an adult to ...

Van Nuys In Full Bloom

April 21, 2017


By Shayda Shevidi The Mirror Editor-in-Chief By Shimla Rahman The Mirror Photo Editor PHOTOS   Van Nuys in Full Bloom ...

Transgender Bathroom Controversy

April 20, 2017

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By Elissa Choi The Mirror Staff By Khrista Sayo The Mirror Staff “We’re just how we feel about ourselves and maybe the way we lead our lives is just a little bit different. Why do you care what’s in someone’s pants.R...

Pineapples on Pizza

April 19, 2017

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By Chandler Beon The Mirror Staff By Amanda Godfrey The Mirror Staff “I don’t like pineapples on pizza because they don’t fit the ingredients of pizza. It floods my mouth with fruitiness.” -Alan Vo FEATURE P...

Project Runway Junior: First Person

March 24, 2017


By Chelsea Ma The Mirror Staff Winning Project Runway Junior Season 2 was never something even conceivable to me during the first episode. FEATURE   Tips for Dominating “Project Runway Junior” March 23, 2017 FIRST ...


March 15, 2017


By Colonel (R) Andrew Flynn By Sergeant First Class (R) Jorge Martinez The program carries out this goal by giving cadets the opportunity to lead and to work as a team. Whether it be of a group in an event or even an individu...

Dr. Terarakelyan

March 3, 2017


By Woo Han The Mirror Copy Editor “This is a place where education thrives, students feel cared for, and where change is not a scary thing because the entire community is there and they do things together.” FEATURE   Adieu...

Restorative In, Suspension Out

February 3, 2017

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By Woo Han The Mirror Staff “From September of 2015 until now, we have achieved so much, and we (Restorative Justice) have helped so many students with their academic and social lives,” says Dr. Terarakelyan. CAMPUS NEW...


January 26, 2017

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By Mhar Tenorio The Mirror Staff By Woo Han The Mirror Staff One in three Californians supports breaking away from the United States and becoming an independent country, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on January 24th, ...

Colonel Flynn

January 23, 2017


By Keshan Huang The Mirror Editor-in-Chief By Tyler Jung The Mirror Staff “I began by starting in the boy scouts, I got interested in serving then.” CAMPUS NEWS Head of JROTC: Colonel Flynn January 24, 2017 FEATURE: A Bronze-Star Off...

Restorative Justice

December 16, 2016

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By Woo Han The Mirror Staff “Everything is done for the students’ academic and social success.” FEATURE Restoring Relationships with Restorative Justice COURTESY OF LUCY TERARAKELYAN PARENT CIRCLE: Ms. Terarakelyan, R...

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