By Ariana Rodriguez

The Mirror Staff


Perfect No More

January 12, 2018

Girls Basketball:A slow start hindered the Wolves for the rest of the game

The Van Nuys Girls Basketball suffered their first loss of the season against San Fernando on Wednesday Jan.10.

The girls were inconsistent on both offense and defense in the first half. Miscommunication on defense allowed the Tigers to gain an early lead.

The Wolves also had trouble with shooting as they were unable to knock down the Tiger’s jump shots consistently. Trailing in the third, Roselyn Poommai drained in several three pointers, allowing Van Nuys to be within a comeback distance. However, San Fernando regained their offensive momentum and engineered a late fourth quarter run which would seal their victory.

Final Score: 59-43

NEXT GAME: Van Nuys @ Kennedy on Wednesday, Jan.17 at 4:00 pm.